What is a Ringback Tone?

A ringback tone is a feature in a cell phone or a mobile phone that allows the caller to know that the cell of the person whom he is trying to call in ringing. This is basically the sound that is heard to the caller when the cell of the mobile person whom he is trying to call is ringing. They are also called as caller tunes.

A default tone is present in every cell. One can get them customized and allow their callers to listen to different sound rather than the standard ringing sound. A customized ringback can be of different sounds like sounds of music, songs, vehicles, people etc. They are also available in different languages. Cellphone carriers in the US and other countries has been offering this feature to their customers for a very long time now that they are becoming really popular among all people of different ages.

There are many ways in which one can get them on a cell phone. However, they can’t be directly downloaded on your phone. They only can be bought and the related company manages the service through a mobile network. One can buy them on website or by sending a SMS code to a special number specified by the mobile company – they are usually sold for a very small monthly fee, and not necessarily free ringback tones, and they are only made of only audio, there is no video.

One can assign a specific ringback tone to a specific caller or to a group of callers. One can have more than one tone on their cell.  You can also assign different ones a specified time during the day and a different one can be set for the rest of the day. For instance, you could use one during your work hours where you’d be expecting your business partners to call you, and another phone on weekends only to impress your friends and family members. This feature works for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Virgin Mobile.

Callers can also listen to the standard one instead of the customized. Many companies provide this technology to their users for a specified time. After this time expires the users should either buy another sound or again buy the same one. You also have the option to listen to them before even spending any money or purchase them. The service has the feature of playing a greeting that explains the callers how they can get the same music or similar on their own phones!. This is a way of the mobile companies to advertise the service, and that’s probably the reason for it being famous nowadays.

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